AEBA with the International Day Against Violence against Women

Today, 25 November, is the international day against violence against women, which is why AEBA joins the movement generated in this regard to try to make this problem visible to all.

Gender-based violence, unfortunately, is a reality that today is far from disappearing, spreading more and more and taking new forms of harm. This is a clear symptom indicating that something is not working in our society, that something is wrong.

Together, we must provide solutions to the problems that are at the root of the problem and that materialize in the survival of machismo.

The aggressors are usually ordinary men, ordinary, friendly and familiar people in their environment, men who base their personal security on values that represent male stereotypes: power through physical force, aggressiveness, competitiveness and a status of superiority and privilege over women.

We must strive, among all people, for men to walk towards an egalitarian relationship, based on mutual respect and personal freedom.

Another aspect that we wish to highlight is that this type of violence no longer only takes place against women, but unfortunately it is also directly affecting underage children, as abusers are also being fattened up in them, increasing cases of violence towards them.

We cannot leave women alone in this battle; together we must denounce the situations that we know of, so that we can be active participants in the defence of the victims of male violence.


¡ STOP machismo !